Friday, April 4, 2008

«South Point Higgins Beach»

Here's a few pictures I took yesterday on South Point Higgins beach here in Ketchikan, Alaska. I set up the camera on a tripod and took a few pictures. I would have put up pictures of the lighthouse out on the island you can clearly see from the beach, but the sun was directly above it and there was too much glare on the water.

The images are 2560x1600; the exact resolution of the 30-inch wide screen monitors. Feel free to use any of these as desktop backgrounds. Click the images to view their full size.
South Point Higgins beach view
South Point Higgins beach seaweed
South Point Higgins beach islands
EDIT: Well, Blogger (Picasa) doesn't like images that big. It shrank them down. That makes me unhappy...

EDIT #2: With my new domain, I'm able to put up the size I wanted. Yay!


  1. Gorgeous images Marf.

  2. Very nice pictures. Looks like I can get there for $531. I usually like to find a scenic place to hangout and work mornings while exercising afternoons in the late summer. Looks like this belongs on the list!

  3. Deleted Akinogal's spam...

    @ Monique: Thanks.

    @ Looney: It can be beautiful here on the few sunny days. But we get a lot of rain (up to 200 inches a year).

  4. As a heads up...this beautiful beach (South Point Higgins Beach) is under threat of development. The Alaska Dept. of Mental Health owns this land; it is not a public beach. On October 7th the community of Ketchikan will be asked whether or not the borough should purchase this 4.5 acre beach as a recreational area for our community.
    I highly encourage you to vote yes on Proposition 1 to save South Point Higgins of the last road accessible beaches on our island.

  5. @ Ardath: I intend to vote Yes on Prop 1. It should be a public beach.


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