Thursday, April 24, 2008

«Random Pictures»

Because I don't have time today to do a proper post... Click an image to view its full size.

No birds allowed sign, with a bird sitting on it.
Oompa Loompa dog
Angry post-it notes
Hand face formation
Holy Bible warning sticker
Unhappy cookie


  1. No, I had to help my dad with something.

  2. I saw that there is a Mr Marf promoting a blog in the SYB forum today...

    Well, he lived.... It was pretty knarly though.

  3. Well, it wasn't me... And what happened anyway?

  4. Meaning the he lived thing ?

    My "whatever" got a vasectomy yesterday - snip snip and the smell of burning flesh.

  5. @ Barbara: Yes it is. What gave someone the idea to dress their dog as an oompa loompa, I have no idea.


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