Sunday, April 20, 2008

«Don't be Surprised if I Get Sick»

Once I knew my dad was sick I was constantly washing my hands around him and wiping things down. But people are contagious before they show symptoms. Now I've came over to my mom's house to find her sick as well. I don't find it too likely that I'll be able to dodge it at both places. My dad's feeling better at least.

It's some sort of bad flu that's been going around town. If I do get sick, I'll at lest try to make a short post every day just to let everyone know I'm still alive and to maintain my one-post-a-day quota (at least).

Here's a story that's kind-of odd... It happened on Saturday, when my dad was sick. He went to bed to rest, and had brought a glass of water with him. Well, he rolled over and tried to grab the glass, but ended up knocking it over and spilling it.

Pretty soon, I hear a knock on the door. I answer it and it's the state troopers, they told me they registered a 911 call from our house and couldn't call us back. I was sort-of stunned. He asked for the names and ages of everyone in the house, and to see our phone. I handed the phone to him and it was dead; no dial-tone (I still had DSL Internet).

After he left I went down and told my dad what happened with the phone. We figured out the water he spilled shorted out a DSL line filter, and it must have somehow dialed 911. Once the filter was unplugged our phones came back.

We told the story to our neighbor (who is retired from the phone company), and he told us that happens quite often. The arrangement of the pins in the phone line can sometimes cause 911 to be called if it's jiggled just right. He's had 911 called from his boat when the only thing in the boat was a dog.

DSL uses a different type of signal than the analogue voice on a phone, so that's why the phones could be shorted out and yet I still had Internet.

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  1. How odd...

    Interesting story though, for sure...


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