Monday, April 28, 2008

«Motivational Monday: Kids»

Here's one of the many reasons I don't want to have kids...

Kids / How about no.


  1. Aren't they cute??? :-)

    I didn't want to have kids for the same reason, but once I had them, I really liked them.

  2. Kids are amazing little creatures....

    They definitely test you at times, but the good things far outweigh any of these little mishaps that pop up.

    And c'mon would you not pee your pants laughing once you realized there was nothing else you really could do ? Well, but clean it up that is.

  3. @ Looney: There are many more reasons I don't like kids...

    @ Monique: No, I would not laugh. I would be extremely upset. Although I wouldn't discipline them until I calmed down.

  4. "I wouldn't discipline them until I calmed down."

    See... That was very parental.

    You'll probably end up w/ 5 kids someday...

  5. 5 kids... no. At this point I can't imagine having any. However, definitely no more than 1.

  6. Marf - Yeah Yeah, we'll see.

    You'll meet some li'l hottie who will swoon you, and before you know it "Marfy, I want 10 kids, a white picket fence and Barry Manilow
    singing at our wedding".

    And you'll say what every entranced man does at that point - "Anything for you".

  7. Kids kinda happen by accident. I don't know anyone that planned havin' kids--it just happens, unless you never have sex.

    I never wanted to have a child and it happened, and I was protected. The protection didn't work. So I guess it was suppose to happen.

    I was terrified after I had him at the hospital--terrified I wouldn't want him since I never wanted kids. But, ya know what, when ya see the li'l wiggly squirmin' human, so dependent and helpless ya fall in love instantly and ya never fall out of love.

    Oh, my son did somethin' like that picture, but it was in his room and it had to do with what was in his diaper. It all happened after his nap, and he did it twice (random days).

    It was gross to clean and I wasn't happy 'bout it, but he was so young (2 and a half) and innocent 'cause to him it was nothin' but fun--he had no idea what he had done. You're too busy cleanin' to get mad.

    My son's 15 now, and I remind him of it and we laugh. ^-^

  8. @ |bd|: My parents wanted a kid. They planned to have me.

    Perhaps that's how I will avoid having any kids; never have sex.

    And I think when I was 1 I did something like that in the back of my mom's car...


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