Wednesday, April 30, 2008

«Tourist Season Begins»

Yesterday was the first day of our tourist season here. The first cruise ship of the season came in; the Norwegian Star. Only one ship for the day, so it wasn't too crowded. We can get up to 5 of those things in at once. With an average of 2000-4500 people per ship, the population of the town doubles or triples when they are in. For example, the Norwegian Star has 2,240 passengers and 1,100 crew for a total of 3,340 people. During a tourist season, we get over 800,000 visitors by cruise ships here in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I just got a jury summons for the month of June. I've been summoned once before, but I got out of it because I was taking classes at the local college. This time I have no excuse, and actually I'd like to go through the experience at least once.

It would appear that I dodged getting sick from either of my parents. You may recall an earlier post that I made about this, when I was sure I'd get sick. There was one night my body was acting like it does when I'm sick, but I didn't feel sick. When I'm sick, my body reacts very quickly to any little thing like a scratch or pimple. I think it might have something to do with a higher white blood cell count. Anyway, hopefully that was what my parents had, and I just fought it off differently.

I hate being sick (who doesn't?). Last time I was sick was last summer, I ate a deli sandwich and got food poisoning. I was throwing up for 3 days. I lost about 8 lbs during that, and took a couple months for the weight to come back; my usual weight is a very constant 160 lbs.


  1. I love when the tags are very random : cruise ship, illness, jury duty

    Glad you escaped the icks....

    That is a massive amount of people. I had no idea.

    I've never had jury duty. It would be kinda neat to go through the process. I'll live my jury duty'ness out through you vicariously, so take notes !

    Food poisoning sucks. Are you avoiding those sandwiches like the plague ?

    Big B refuses to eat another deviled egg in his life after having a bad one at an outing years ago and my "whatever" will not eat another Philly Steak sandwich for the same reason.

    I'm fine w/ that since I was the one who cleaned up when their bodies exploded....

  2. I know what you mean, I like to see what some of the random tags are on blog posts as well. I need to use those tags more than I do. At first I was using them for my own organizational reasons, but there are some blog directories out there that use the tags as well.

    Oh, yeah... Every year there's a lot of people that go through this town. 800,000 from cruise ships, about 300,000 through our airport, and I don't know the numbers for our ferry system (Alaska Marine Highway).

    And yeah, I don't think I've eaten another of those sandwiches since.

  3. I didn't realize the need for them, but now that I started using the tags, I have had several people find me through searches on Blog Catalog.

    Which is funny because I have very few people finding my BC page itself.


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