Friday, March 14, 2008

«The New 5»

A new US 5 dollar bill is being sent out into circulation. Our money is looking more and more Canadian all the time with these colors they're using. One thing I've always liked is the UV reactive strip in all the bills except the $1. Each bill has a different color strip, although you can only see the strips under a blacklight. The colors are as follows; $5 Blue, $10 Orange, $20 Green, $50 Yellow, and $100 Red.

Ever wounder what Abe Lincoln would look like with purple makeup? No, I hadn't really given it any thought either. But regardless, this is what he looks like:

New 5 Dollar Bill
The 100 dollar bill is the next in line for colorization.

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  1. Cool. I like this, although I got used to living with coins that were worth roughly $1 and $5 while living overseas.


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