Thursday, July 17, 2008

«Clothes Hanger Bracelets (and Photos)»

There's a few pictures I took on the 14th of this month. Click an image to view full.

Here's a picture of the "historical" Hopkins Alley in Ketchikan, Alaska. The buildings are dilapidated and abandoned, the boards of the street are beginning to rot, and it's just plain ugly. But hey, I just saw an ad... You can buy that run-down shack on piling in the left of the picture for just $99,900 and own your very own historical piece of crap.
Hopkins Alley in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 14, 2008.
Gasp! Ok, who dented the billion dollar ship? Here's a couple of dents in the bow of the Sapphire Princess.
Dents in the Sapphire Princess cruise ship.
Random pigeon on a piling.
Pigeon on a piling.
Miniature clothes hanger bracelets... Who would have thought?
Coat hanger bracelets.


  1. [mini-hanger bracelets]
    "Who would have thought?"

    Not I.

    Interesting pictures though.

  2. I would be tempted to spend the $99,000, fake an injury from a broken board, and sue for $9,999,000.

  3. @ Looney: Get 10,000% return on the investment, eh? But who would you sue? It'd be your property.

  4. It is not in my character to do such a thing, but you sue the person who sold it - plus anyone else convenient - per the current legal practices.

  5. I like that historical piece of crap. I'd buy it if I had that kind of money.

  6. @ Looney: Yeah, I suppose you could sue everyone in sight. And how it seems the current times are, you'd probably win.

    @|bernadette|: I'm sure there's much better things you could buy or do if you had 100K just sitting around.


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