Monday, July 14, 2008

«Cruise Ship Watch: Carnival Spirit and Sapphire Princess»

Two ships in today that I haven't previously photographed, the Carnival Spirit and Sapphire Princess. It's actually quite amazing how many ships go through Ketchikan. Before, I've always figured it was the same few ships over and over, kinda like the Norwegian Star has been this year. However, since I've been keeping track for this series, I've realized there's a ton of different ships that come here.

And yes, the Norwegian Star was one of the ships in today, again. Seems like that ship is always here. Click an image to view full.

Carnival Spirit, docked in Ketchikan and unloading passengers. It had just arrived about half an hour before this picture was taken.
Carnival Spirit unloading passengers in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 14, 2008.
Sapphire Princess in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Sapphire Princess in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 14, 2008.


  1. Gah, they are so massive.

  2. Yes, they are. Although I think the wikipedia article for the Sapphire Princess is wrong in saying it's "one of the largest cruise ships of the World."

    The Royal Caribbean cruise line has some massive ships under construction that will have up to 5,400 passengers. And they already have some that have 4,370 passengers and 1,360 crew. They run in Florida and the Caribbean, so I don't see them here.


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