Sunday, July 13, 2008

«Spirit of Glacier Bay Repairs»

Flooding Forces Grounded Cruise Ship To Reroute

The Spirit of Glacier Bay had to go to Wrangell for emergency repairs. It didn't even make it here to Ketchikan for repairs. It's a small cruise ship (like the Spirit of '98). Last week it ran aground in Glacier Bay, the place it was named after.

From another news article, it looks like they've patched the crack in the hull well enough to get it here. I had missed taking a picture of it on May 13th for my Cruise Ship Watch series; perhaps I can get a picture of it in the shipyard, lol.


  1. With all the navigational aids these days, it is a wonder they still manage to go aground in a familiar spot. Perhaps, burp, hic, the cap was locked into a situation that was a bit intocsecated?

  2. Well they weren't going very fast, they said 1 mph. I think they were trying to get as close as they could so the tourists could gawk at the glacier, and the tide was not on their side.

    Although Cruise West is no stranger to their ships running aground. My dad and I were talking, perhaps they should find new captains.


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