Wednesday, July 16, 2008

«Safeway Wind Power, Not in This Town»

Yesterday I was out taking a few pictures, and I happened to notice this sign on a Safeway fuel station.
Did you know? This fuel station is 100% powered by Wind Energy.

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The island that Ketchikan, Alaska is on has its own separate power grid, powered by hydroelectric with diesel as backup. There are no wind turbines in the system, so it's impossible for their claim to be true that the station is powered 100% by wind power.

Just to raise a stink and see what they do, I emailed their Ethics Hotline, informing them of their misleading and false advertisement. I even included these pictures of the station and sign, to show them I have proof. The pictures were taken on July 15th, we'll see when or if the sign is taken down...

Ketchikan, Alaska Safeway fuel station.
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  1. That's cool. Go get 'em.

    How long does it take for you to walk or ride your bike from one end of town to the other?

    How much space are we talking here, actual living space?

  2. Well, what I call the ends of town are not the ends of the road or even the city limits.

    Just to the point that the building density falls off. That's Tatsuda's Grocery on the South and and Ketchikan Ready Mix on North end. I don't know the exact distance... Maybe 4-5 miles? So not that long on a bike.

    If you want to see the town, look up Ketchikan, Alaska in google maps.

  3. Nah, you show us plenty.

    I was just curious. If you knew a number I was going to relate it to my surroundings.

  4. Hey, you're right close to Prince Rupert, Terrace, and Kitimat in BC. You're not that far off from where I am, too--just a li'l more down the map.

  5. @ |bernadette|: Yup. Our Alaska ferry system goes to Prince Rupert. So I've been there and through Terrace. Turn South at Prince George, go to Hope and get on the freeway for a few miles to Abbotsford and cross the border there back into the states.

    I've heard Prince Rupert and Ketchikan called "Sister Cities". They are very much alike.

  6. I've never been to Prince Rupert but I've been to Williams Lake which is close to Prince George.

    Williams Lake is the highest I've been in the interior of BC.

    Golly, we're just about neighbours, neighbour! It's a nice drive through the interior. I'm very close to Abbotsford.

  7. @ |bernadette|: Oh, yeah... I've been to Williams Lake. Yes, it is a nice drive. Especially through the Fraser River canyon. I like all the tunnels.


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