Friday, July 4, 2008

«Happy Independance Day»

For the rest of the world, happy Friday, I suppose.

The fireworks in town last year were canceled due to weather. They were going to fire them off on New Year's, but had to cancel then as well, also due to weather. Today it's overcast and drizzling. I think the wind is more of an issue than the rain, however. I don't know that I'll even be in town to watch the fireworks anyway, even if they don't get canceled again.

I'm not all that into the Independence Day celebrations. It's a bit crowded, and the parade sucks every year. They space out emergency vehicles throughout the parade and they blare their sirens. No shit: they drown out all the bagpipe players and other music being played, making the entire experience annoying rather than enjoyable.

My dad usually avoids town like the plague on the 4th of July. Although he's been talking about going downtown today, after the parade. Just to walk around and see what's going on. If he does, I'll be with him.


  1. Canada Day isn't as big of a celebration as what you guys do in the States. Each community puts on a barbeque and that's about it here. And fireworks are a no-no, over here. Halloween is the only time we're allowed to purchase 'em, and that's slowly bein' weaned out.

    It's a nice day off work, I tell ya.

  2. Ooh.. I love the 4th! I hope you got to see some decent fireworks, they're my favorite part. Despite the fact that I talked about it in my post, we actually didn't go to the parade, because its pretty similar to what you mentioned... the sirens blare, and there's more advertising than floats. But the rest of the holiday was good :). So... Happy Fourth of July.

  3. That would suck, sirens blaring unable to enjoy anything.

    We did see the fireworks last night. I have video to share on my blog --- sometime, it might take awhile w/ all that is going on right now.

    Did you go walking through town w/ your Dad?

  4. @ |bernadette|: I've never even heard of fireworks on Halloween.

    @ CollegeGirl: It was rainy and foggy last night, but we did get to see a few private shows from my dad's house.

    @ Monique: Well, we didn't see the official fireworks the city does. They very well may have cancelled again due to weather. As I said above, it was rainy and foggy. Chances are, you wouldn't have been able to see them anyway, other than a dull glow through the fog.

    Yes, I did go walking through town with my dad. We were at the tail end of the parade the entire way through town, so we didn't see the entire thing.


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