Thursday, July 24, 2008

«Premature Zombie Apocalypse?»

Response to Why?? on Escape Hatch. It is recommended you go read that first.

Ok, you're back and have read that post on Escape Hatch? If you didn't, that's your problem now...

I really need to pay more attention to the random little things and commit them to memory. It would make for more interesting blog posts. But here's a few "why's" I can remember...

Yesterday I received some Magic: the Gathering cards that I bought on eBay. The envelope they came in was about half covered with a bunch of random 4 cent stamps. It looked like it came from a foreign country (but really it came from Nashville, Tennessee). Why did the seller have so many 4 cent stamps laying around?

I bought 2 hot apple pies at McDonalds yesterday. There was a sticker on the back side of the receipt tape indicating I had won an "instant prize". I got a pretty good deal really: I spent $1.59 (after tax) and got the two hot apple pies I was buying, a couple of coupons for a free cheeseburger and free sundae (my "instant prize"), and an entry into a $50 drawing. Why, or more importantly how did they put that sticker on the receipt tape? Have you ever tried unrolling something like that and then tried to roll it back up perfectly?

Why does it seem like street lights always go out when you approach them? The night before last I rode my bike up to the cemetery. It's pretty dark around there at night, but there's one street light near the war veterans memorial. Any time I came near it, it would go out. After I passed it, it would come back on. I've had street lights go out when I passed them many, many times before; this is just the most recent example. Why do they do that?

Why do people find graveyards spooky at night? Do they really believe the living dead are going to rise out of the ground and begin the zombie apocalypse ahead of schedule? I mean seriously, everyone around you is long dead and six feet under. There's nothing to be afraid of except perhaps tripping on a tombstone.


  1. Street lights go out when you pass by them.... Thaaaat's pretty freaky.

    I would be scared out of my wits to be around a graveyard at night. Not because I fear zombies or anything, but if someone should jump out to scare me, I'd have to kill them.

  2. Well, look at it this way: if you killed them they wouldn't have far to go.

  3. L - I kid you not, the moment I clicked "publish your comment" I KNEW you were going to say that.

  4. lol, sometimes I can be predictable I guess.

    Can you say why you'd be scared to be in a graveyard at night?

  5. If I tell you, you will forever think I'm weird. Are you sure you want to know?

    It has nothing to do w/ it being night. I can't stand to be around them at all because I find myself thinking about the rotting bodies and that just flips me out.

    The night thing would be the weirdos who could be hanging out there.

  6. So then I take it you'd want to be cremated?

  7. I do.

    My Mom has the perfect idea. She has already done the paperwork and is donating her body to science.

    Whatever is left will be cremated and given to me. She wants me to go "somewhere beautiful", that we would have enjoyed together, have a quiet moment w/ her and scatter her ashes there.

    Instead of going to a cemetery and staring at a piece of stone among other stones in the ground, the boys and I can go to visit the beautiful place and enjoy ourselves while thinking of her.

    What about you?

  8. I'm like your mom. Donate what I can to science, incinerate the rest. Although I haven't filled out any paperwork for the science bit, I am an organ donor.

    I don't really care what's done with the ashes (actually they're ground bone fragments, not ashes).

  9. She has it all planned out.

    She came over one evening and said she wanted to talk. Told me her plans and had me sign some papers. I think I had to sign so that when the time comes I won't go against her wishes.

    I'm a donor too.

    Gah, you brought up some deep stuff. All I had was humping female dogs and messy ketchup.


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