Thursday, July 3, 2008

«Pictures From Tuesday»

I took a few pictures around town on Tuesday. The Volendam wasn't the only thing I photographed that day. I walked around on some of the more obscure boardwalks in Ketchikan. As always, click an image to view full.

Here's Edge Cliff Way. I didn't walk down it, but that dead end sign is for, you guessed it, the stairway.
Edge Cliff Way in Ketchikan, Alaska. Dead end. July 1, 2008.
I found this pattern in a landing on a brick stairway. Looks like a heart. It's at about the same location I was standing when I photographed the Volendam.
Heart of brick.
What ever happened to fire engine red, anyway?
Yellowish green Ketchikan fire truck.
Here's Main Street. Every town has a Main Street, right? What's that you say, not every town has a staircase for their Main Street? To be fair, there is part of Main Street further down that's for cars.
Main Street Stairway in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 1, 2008.
Speaking of staircases, check out the entrance to this house. I'd hate to haul a new refrigerator or furniture up to that house. Or just the groceries for that matter. Like I've said before, this town was built on the side of a mountain.
House on the side of the mountain. Many stairs.
Here's a salmonberry. They're like raspberries, but more tart or sour. I ate it after I took the picture. These bushes are everywhere around here, quite invasive.
Red salmonberry.
This picture was taken from an obscure boardwalk that overlooks the "Newtown" part of Ketchikan. It looked poorly maintained, and only went to the charred remains of a burned down house. I have no idea what the boardwalk is named.
View of Newtown Ketchikan, Alaska from an obscure boardwalk. July 1, 2008.


  1. Hana Mi would LOVE the heart.... I'll tell her to stop by sometime.

    Sheer stair torture. I can't imagine making my way up these w/ sleeping kids, groceries and inches of snow.

    What an odd looking berry.

  2. A lot of this town would be torture during the winter with snow.

  3. Stair Nightmare. Talk about stair master. You wouldn't have to go far to exercise. You'd also have great leggs. LOL.

  4. @ " JUST US ": Welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting.

    Yeah, I'm glad I don't live in that house. I work my legs enough as it is.


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