Friday, July 25, 2008

«Cruise Ship Watch: Norwegian Pearl, Silver Shadow, and Westerdam»

By now I must be close to having every ship... I've got another one planned for tomorrow, I'll have to look ahead on the schedule after that one to see when the next ship I have to get is. Like a friend of mine said, it's about like a collectible game: "Gotta catch them all!" I wonder if this is what it's like to play that Pokémon Snap game...

Anyway, the ships I photographed today are the Norwegian Pearl, Silver Shadow, and Westerdam. Click an image to view full.

Let's start with the Norwegian Pearl, docked in front of the Ketchikan Visitor Information and Restrooms.
Norwegian Pearl in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 25, 2008.
Here's a ship that's not here too often, the Silver Shadow. It has the highest space-to-passenger ratio of any cruise ship.
Silver Shadow in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 25, 2008.
Here's the Westerdam, taken from the Thomas Basin boat harbor breakwater.
Westerdam in Ketchikan, Alaska. July 25, 2008.


  1. The funny thing is I have Pokemon Snap. That was an interesting game concept. I remember it not having all the Pokemon though, so it was a bit shallow.

  2. I've never actually played or even so much as watched someone play Pokémon Snap.


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