Friday, July 25, 2008

«YouTube Bike Thief»

So just how easy is it to steal a bicycle, even if it is locked?

bike thief

That's right. They stole their own bike, some methods were quite bold. The police, however, drive right past the thief and head for the camera man instead. The only concerned citizen helped, rather than reported it.

Granted, unless someone was specifically out to steal a bike they wouldn't be carrying those tools. And a lock is still better than nothing at all.


  1. That's funny, the one person who stopped - helped. L

    I had a bike stolen bit by bit once. It was weird, but eventually they got the whole thing.

  2. lol, bit by bit? I've never had a bike stolen - yet.

  3. Yeah I had a really nice bike and never rode it. This little girl somehow misunderstood that I was giving it to her when I was not.

    Her Mom came to the house and asked me about it, saying her daughter was very upset that I had not given it to her like I said I would, when I didn't. It was weird.

    Then it started disappearing bit by bit, literally until one day it was just gone.

    I was 15 and should probably have cared more than I did about it.


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