Wednesday, July 2, 2008

«Night Rider»

So that patch I put on my bicycle tube didn't hold. Cheap ass patch, I didn't have much faith in it anyway. It wasn't much more than a sticker. So I ended up getting a new tube. So my bike is once again in working order... For how long, I don't know. So last night I finally got to ride my bike at night in town with my new lights.

The headlight (if you can call it that) isn't much more than a cheap flashlight mounted to my handlebars. It doesn't illuminate crap in front of me; but it doesn't have to be a flood light, it only has to make me visible to oncoming traffic. In the rear I have a strobing/flashing red LED taillight. I'm a little more pleased with this one than I was with the headlight. I bet the batteries will last longer in that as well.

There were a few pedestrians that made comments about my lights. One said they didn't even know you could get lights for a bicycle. Obviously they didn't know about the law that states you have to have lights on a bicycle at night. Although as I've noticed, not many bicycle laws seem to be enforced.

In fact, while I was out I saw another cyclist (a) with no lights and (b) riding on the sidewalk in a business district. A police car had just passed.

I was out for a good 2 hours. I rode back and forth from one end of town to the other, up and down the cruise ship docks, and circled the Plaza several times. It's nice to ride in town when the traffic is light. This time of night, most of the traffic is police cars or taxi cabs. The fog kept getting heavier and heavier as the night went on. I finally came back home about 1 AM. It was a nice, pleasant ride.


  1. That sounds nice.

  2. I usually switch the tube rather than the patch, but that gets expensive. On my long distance rides, I carry two or three tubes and a patch kit, but the patch kit needs to be checked periodically to make sure that the glue hasn't dried.

  3. The new tube was $4.23 after taxes. I'm thinking next time I might buy those tubes with that slime stuff in it. Suppose to be self-healing. Have you any experience with those?

    But I can't really go long distance here... I'm on an island. The best I could do is go from one end of the road system to the other.


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