Wednesday, July 30, 2008

«Spore E3 08 Trailer»

Spore E308 Trailer

Seems like it's taking September 7th a long time to get here...


  1. That looks cool...

  2. When it releases, it's going to be hard to live up to all the hype. But from what I've read of game reviewers that played it at E3, it does. It was ranked all-around "Game of the Show".

  3. I read the little blip you wrote about that in your shared stuff.

    Do you think it is something Bay will be able to enjoy? He's 9.

  4. Oh yeah... So long as there's some way to filter out all the penis creatures people make. They say there will be a system in place.

  5. Very cool... He will be excited. He loves all the little videos ((the ones he can actually watch)). I'll have to look into it.

    I never installed the trial, did you? Knowing now that it is something I can let him do, I will.

  6. I actually have the full creature creator. I said I wasn't going to because it's going to be with the game in September anyway... But there you go, I got it anyway.

  7. Well that speaks pretty highly of it then...

  8. My son wants that. He's already buggin' me 'bout it. "Look, look, mom! They even have sex, except you don't see it."

    I dunno if I'd play, the fact that you can get eaten will really piss me off.

    Ya know that Pikman game!?! I'd freak out whenever somethin' would eat my guys. It so upset me--they're so cute and all. I just had to save 'em all and that meant never playin' it. I just couldn't handle them gettin' eaten.

    Yes, I'm weird. [^-^] And proud of it.

  9. "the fact that you can get eaten will really piss me off."

    LOL, that would be my problem too Bernadette.

    Marf- I have to seriously fight the urge to mess w/ your poll. I have it set to clear my private data at exit, so each visit could be a new vote.. It's soooo tempting, but I continue to resist.

    Just thought you should know.

  10. @ |bernadette|: Then you make a better creature that can defend itself.

    @ Monique: Yeah, if you clear your cookies it's possible to vote again. But that would throw off the results.

  11. Exactly why I continue to resist the urge.


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